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DMO Welcomes Incoming Chair Jaime Harrison and New DNC Leadership

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DMO Welcomes Incoming Chair Jaime Harrison and New DNC Leadership

On behalf of the 40,000 local elected Democrats across the United States, the members of the DMO Board of Directors celebrates the election of Jaime Harrison as Chair of the Democratic Party, as well as the dynamic leadership team joining him at the DNC. We are confident Chairman Harrison will continue the vital work of electing Democrats up and down the ticket and help grow our Party from the grass roots up by furthering the DNC’s investment in local races.

We know this because we know Jaime. He has worked alongside DMO since he was Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Our new DNC Chair sees the value in growing the Party from the base, expanding the bench, and implementing progressive policies at the local level. DMO is excited to see Chair Harrison’s history of investment in local growth reflected in the ongoing work of the Democratic National Committee under his leadership.

The election of fellow DMO, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, as Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Protection likewise brings essential talent and commitment to a Democratic Party eager to build on our recent successes in Georgia. The work of Democrats at the local level has changed the fate of our nation, and we look forward to the Mayor’s work at the DNC leading to future victories.


Several of our leaders made personal statements supporting the new DNC leadership: 

“On behalf of Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO), my colleagues and I want to congratulate Jaime Harrison on his new role as Chair of the DNC. We all are ready to move our country forward with the exact same energy and conviction that Jaime brought to his U.S. Senate race on behalf of the people of South Carolina. We are eager to work together to further the historic progress made on various levels this past year and look forward to the future with great optimism.”

Derek Green, DNC Executive Committee
Council Member, Philadelphia, PA
President of DMO


“At this wonderfully optimistic time in America’s history, we salute the shoulders we stand upon and we celebrate the new leadership that will take us forward. Chairman Harrison and his leadership team have the right experience and the right acumen at the right time to lead our beloved Party to turn our country blue.  He appreciates the role of Democratic Municipal Officials and I look forward to our continued partnership. I am so glad that my fellow Georgian Mayor Lance Bottoms will be serving alongside him.”

Van Johnson, DNC Member
Mayor, Savannah, GA
Treasurer of DMO


“The diverse and experienced leadership recently elected will move our Party in the right direction and lead our country forward. I am proud that Governor Whitmer is yet again standing up to take on the responsibility of leading Democrats towards victory and fighting for our shared values.”

Scott Benson, Former DNC Executive Committee Member
Council Member, Detroit, MI
President Emeritus and Fundraising Chair of DMO


“I am proud to have Senator Duckworth serving as Vice Chair of the DNC. As a fellow veteran and Illinoisan, I know that she has what it takes to lead our Party to more victories for the working women and men of our state and country. Her unique life experiences will bring an invaluable perspective to our Party.”

Gil Villegas
Alderman, Chicago, IL
Board Member of DMO


Congratulations to Chairman Harrison and his exceptional team! We look forward to working with all of you to turn more cities blue and enact the progressive change Americans voted for.


The DMO Board of Directors

DNC Members

Derek Green, Council Member, Philadelphia, PA

Candace Mumm, Council Member, Spokane, WA

Ron Galperin, Controller, Los Angeles, CA

Van Johnson, Mayor, Savannah, GA

Wendy Davis, Commissioner, Rome, GA

Barbara Moore, Executive Director of DMO