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Biden Administration Calls On Local Officials To Help Pass American Rescue Plan

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Dear Democratic Municipal Official,

Time is of the essence and I need your help!

The Biden Administration has reached out directly to Democratic Municipal Officials looking for help in your state with passing the American Rescue Plan. Our cities need direct funding; assistance with vaccine distribution; resources for PPE; stimulus checks and unemployment insurance; and help paying for water and energy costs. We need the American Rescue Plan to pass, and we need it immediately.

The White House is calling for strong statements of support from local leaders in your state, and we need you to put pressure on your federal representatives. Here is what you can do:

  • Call your Representative and your Senators and highlight why your community needs this relief. If you have their cellphone number, now is the time to use it!
  • Schedule a meeting with your Representative and your Senators. District work week starts February 15th. Call their office today to get on their calendar for that week.
  • Get on the news. Whether it be local television news, local radio, or national outlets. Tell the story as to why your city and state need the American Rescue Plan to pass now and emphasize that your federal officers can make that happen.
  • Write an op-ed.
  • Make it bi-partisan. If there are Republicans on your council or in a neighboring town who will stand with you in support of this legislation, be sure to elevate that – don’t be afraid to share the byline on this.
  • Be specific and keep it local. Talk about local issues, jobs, services, and people. Make it undeniable that your community in particular needs this relief.
  • Share with DMO. Be sure to load any news clips and letters to this folder, and tag @NationalDMO on social media so that we can share your efforts with the White House.

President Biden and your constituents need you to act now – there is no time to waste.

Barbara Moore
Executive Director
Democratic Municipal Officials