“We connect, elect, and empower Democratic Municipal Officials”

Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) is a national association of elected mayors, city council members, and other municipal leaders. DMO has over 6000 active members and has state chapters forming in over 30 states. As a constituency organization of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic Municipal Officials is the Democratic voice in local politics and the local voice in Democratic politics.

Any incumbent municipal official who self-defines as Democrat, even if they hold non-partisan office, can become a member of Democratic Municipal Officials.

DMO serves as the structure through which municipal officials who subscribe to the principles of the Democratic Party can communicate and promote Democratic goals at the local level. We also serve as the liaison between local elected Democrats and the DNC.

  • Democratic Municipal Officials is the fastest growing organization within the Democratic Party and the largest coalition of Democratic officials in the United States. We hold three seats, including an Executive Committee seat on the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
  • DMO represents city council members, mayors, and other elected officials from cities, towns, townships, villages and boroughs of all sizes. Our Board Members represent most of America’s large and prominent cities.
  • DMO is the “farm team” for the national Democratic Party. Our members have proven electoral success and many continue on to statewide and federal offices.
  • We have active members in most states, and in more than 30 states members are forming State Chapters that host meetings, conduct events and trainings, and provide opportunity for participation by DMOs who may not engage in National League of Cities (NLC) or state municipal league functions.
  • Our Policy Committees coincide with NLC committees and we work to move policy matters within NLC. Additionally, we work on national policy priorities within our cities and states and in Congress. When a city council member calls her Congressman that calls gets taken, and taken seriously. We ensure that a Democratic voice is heard in the national municipal policy that NLC takes to Congress.

What We Do

  • We work to build a Democratic future by using both new and old networking methods to link local Democrats, forging a two-way relationship between local Democrats and the DNC.
  • We invest in tomorrow’s national leadership by highlighting the accomplishments of local leaders, and training Democrats to win and to speak effectively to our issues.
  • We craft solutions for America’s challenges by capitalizing on America’s cities and towns as laboratories for policy innovation; promoting our members’ effective policy solutions; and developing a municipal-based advocacy platform for the Democratic Party.