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DMO kicks off Get-Out-The-Vote efforts during primaries

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With COVID-19 precautions rightfully in place, many of the Presidential primaries have been postponed. As new dates primary dates are scheduled and Republican efforts to suppress the vote and being rolled out, there will be many challenges for voters this election season.

Local officials have a unique opportunity to help to get out the vote (GOTV) in 2020. We are asking all our DMOs to take a pledge to:

  • Share Vote-by-Mail instructions with your constituency
  • Mobilize your base to volunteer (from home) during the primaries
  • Share social media posts about GOTV efforts
  • Help identify voter suppression tactics and protect the vote

Take the pledge to help DMO get out the vote

DMO’s focus will be on June 2 – the new Super Tuesday – when primaries will be held in Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Montana, and New Mexico. Even if you don’t live in those states, DMO is encouraging you and your constituents to get out the vote from now until Election Day.

The primaries will help get voters ready for the General Elections in November.  DMOs can help ensure voters know how to vote-by-mail, can volunteer from home, and are prepared if they encounter voter suppression.

Join DMO in helping to get out the vote because as DMOs know best, all politics are local.