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DMO Maryland State Chapter leaders Mitchell and Sayles chosen for anti-bigotry leadership council

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DMO Maryland State Chapter leaders Mitchell and Sayles chosen for anti-bigotry leadership council

MARYLAND, April 7, 2020  –

College Park Council Member Denise Mitchell and Gaithersburg Council President Laurie-Anne Sayles have both been chosen to be a part of the Public Leaders for Inclusion Council class of 2020. The program focuses on challenging anti-Muslim bigotry and other forms of hate while building inclusion and social resilience in communities. 

Participating leaders will attend briefings on the religious and cultural landscape of their communities as well as on local incidents of hate and discrimination targeting Muslims.  They will be a part of six-monthly virtual seminars with leading anti-bigotry organizations.  Additionally, they will attend a two-day summit in Washington, DC featuring trainings and workshops with civic organizations at the forefront of building inclusion in public policy.

“To me, confronting the ugly reality of racism, prejudice and ignorance while working to build more inclusive communities is a big part of what it means to be a public servant. I look forward to strengthening my leadership skills as part of the Public Leaders for Inclusion Council,” explained Council Member Mitchell.

“Today’s leaders have the ability to lead by example and use their platforms to model tolerance. When we focus on what unites us rather than what divides us, that’s where the magic happens, and communities can thrive. Through this leadership program, I hope to use my platform to create a safe and inclusive environment for our diverse residents to comfortably discuss cultures that are different from their own.” said Council President Sayles.

Council Member Mitchell also serves as Democratic Municipal Officials, Maryland (DMO MD) State Chapter Chair while Council President Sayles is part of the executive board of DMO MD.

“DMO congratulates Council Members Mitchell and Sayles on being chosen for this leadership program. We are also proud of Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin who served in the 2019 class. Inclusion and diversity are one of the strongest values of the Democratic Party. Our local leaders place a high priority on these values and are using their experiences and talents to create strong cities and towns,” said Ian Baltutis, Mayor of Burlington, North Carolina and DMO Council of State Chapters Chair.


Democratic Municipal Officials is the largest network of elected officials within the Democratic Party. The organization is an association of the Democratic National Committee, and advocates for America’s 40,000 mayors, city council members, and other elected leaders serving our municipalities.

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