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DMO Statement on the Election of Liz Shuler as AFL-CIO President

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DMO Statement on the Election of Liz Shuler as AFL-CIO President

DMO President Derek Green congratulates the new officers of the 12.5 million member AFL-CIO, Liz Shuler as president and Fred Redmond as secretary-treasurer.  Accomplished labor leaders with deep experience, Ms. Shuler and Mr. Redmond are respectively the first woman and first Black top elected leaders of the United States’ largest and most diverse labor federation.

“Labor unions are essential for closing the wealth gap between men and women, and between white Americans and Americans of color, both groups who have been historically disadvantaged in the workplace. The election of President Schuler and Secretary-Treasurer Redmond shows that the AFL-CIO will continue to represent all workers in the modern economy, and meet the challenges presented by campaigns to deregulate safety standards, disenfranchise voters, and destroy the power of an organized workforce.”

Ms. Shuler has served as the AFL-CIO’s secretary-treasurer since 2009 with the late President Richard Trumka.  She previously served as a distinguished leader of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), and among other accomplishments worked with a broad coalition of labor, community, and environmental organizations to stop Enron’s attempt to have the electric power utility industry in Oregon deregulated.

Mr. Redmond served as the International Vice President for Human Affairs of the USW (United Steelworkers), where his work included working with USW allies across the country in responding to attacks on voting rights and combating economic inequality.  He was recently elected President of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas.

More information on the background and achievements in the labor movement of Ms. Shuler and Mr. Redmond can be found here:

DMO is delighted to join President Biden, Vice President Harris, and other Democratic officials across the nation in welcoming the new elected leaders of the AFL-CIO.