DMO’s State Chapters are the backbone of this organization. They allow elected officials to take action on issues impacting municipalities in their states, and provide fellowship and resources to help strengthen each other’s ability to govern.

Members of State Chapters:

  • Continually support the organization by working to connect, engage, and support DMOs
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the values reflected by Democrats in their community/state and work to communicate and contribute those values to the DMOs leadership platform.
  • Actively network with DMOs in their community/state to encourage their participation in DMO
  • Support DMO state chapter events and organizing
  • Actively recruit rising leaders to connect them to the candidate and volunteer training and advisory positions at all levels of the Democratic Party
  • Support the GOTV initiatives of the Democratic Party

If you’re interested in learning more about your State Chapter, please contact Oliver Judd at

  • Will you apply? Start by telling us what policy areas interest you most.