The Political Council is a think tank of award-winning political strategists, campaign software developers, and data gurus who are working with DMO to help create:

  • A hotline for candidates who need strategic advice, referrals or urgent help
  • A marketplace of the best campaign services in the country vetted to include only those ready, willing and able to serve local candidates.
  • Trainings for those of you who know how to get on the ballot and run a campaign, but who want to learn more, take advantage of new technologies, and be ready for the much tougher campaign that may come your way next.
  • A strikeforce that is ready to defend Democrats in municipal office when attacks come from the right, to ensure we hold control of our blue cities – even in very red states.

We’ll be announcing more soon, but know that DMO is working for you. Stay on the lookout for articles and more updates about the great work our Political Council is doing. Meanwhile, you can read through their articles when you need them at

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