Democratic Leaders and Alumni

Elected officials serving in other government bodies, former DMOs, Democratic party volunteers and staffers, and political party leaders. All Democrats may participate in this online community. Democratic Leaders and Alumni who give or raise $500 annually will become members of our Democratic Leaders and Alumni Council and receive special invitations and benefits.

About the Democratic Leaders and Alumni Council

The DMO Democratic Leaders and Alumni Council is formed to provide both ongoing engagement opportunities for Democratic Municipal Officials who have moved on to serve in another office, or who no longer hold pubic office, and for Democratic Leaders who recognize the value of developing the effectiveness of Democratic Municipal Officials to serve as the local voice of the Democratic Party and the “bench” for candidates to county, state and federal office.

Members of the Democratic Leaders and Alumni Council commit to give or raise at least $500 annually for DMO and to be generous in their assistance to connect the DMO Board and staff with the elected officials, corporate and labor interests, policy resources, and other connections in their circle who may benefit the organization.

Members of the Democratic Leaders Alumni Council who have met their annual commitment are welcome to attend DMO events at both the state and national level, and will be recognized in the program book at the bi-annual “Oh So Blue” National Breakfast Events and at the DMO Democratic National Convention Reception.