About the Democratic Leaders and Alumni Council

The DMO Democratic Leaders and Alumni Council is formed to provide both ongoing engagement opportunities for Democratic Municipal Officials who have moved on to serve in another office, or who no longer hold public office, and for Democratic Leaders who recognize the value of developing the effectiveness of Democratic Municipal Officials to serve as the local voice of the Democratic Party and the “bench” for candidates to county, state and federal office.


Message from Alumni Council Chair Lou La Monte

Welcome to the  DMO Alumni Council! We are the only national organization for former Democratic Municipal Leaders. The DMO Alumni Council exists to keep former local elected officials involved in the work of growing the Party beyond their terms in office. Your insight and experience are too valuable for the Party to lose as you enter the next stage of your career. Incoming DMOs would greatly benefit from your mentorship, and that’s where the Alumni Council comes in.

Your term as a municipal elected official may be complete but your job as a Democratic leader continues and now it’s more important than ever. Let’s not allow all that hard work you’ve invested to go to waste! Your knowledge and experience are of great value to the next generation of Democratic Leaders.

Beyond educating incumbents, we need the Alumni Council members to help find, train, and elect promising candidates (especially as part of the DMO Blue Star program). Knowing how to win an election is just as valuable as knowing how to govern.

Alumni Council members are joining DMO groups such as the Political Council, Policy Council, State Chapters Council, Power Cities Council, and the Labor Council to make sure their advice continues to be represented throughout DMO’s organization that represents over 40,000 Democratic Municipal Officials across the country.

So you weren’t a DMO while you were serving in office? No problem! You can still join our Alumni Chapter. Your insights are very important to us and the new electeds coming on board who lean to the left and would love to have someone to call when navigating a challenging situation or looking for support and ideas on new legislation.

DMO has allies at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic Governors Association (DGA), Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), Democratic Secretaries of State (DSSA), and National Democratic County Officials (NDCO). But most importantly, we need YOU, experienced DMOs who have been on the front lines and have experienced firsthand the challenges municipal officials face.

The DMO Alumni Council would like to extend an invitation to join our national network of former elected officials. The Alumni Council brings decades of combined political experience, expertise, and countless government and professional relationships to our organization. As a member, your network stretches from coast to coast and benefits DMO and all our members.

As the former Mayor of Malibu, DMO Board member, Chair of the Council of State Chapters, and Immediate Past Chair of the DMO California Chapter, I know how important our continued involvement is to the future of our Party and our country.

The DMO Alumni Council now has a voice on the National Board and DMO depends on our Alumni to elect, connect, and empower Democratic municipal officials across the country, particularly at the State Chapter level. As a member, you will have the opportunity to be part of the DMO Alumni Leadership Team that helps to organize Alumni, serve as a virtual surrogate for state and national events, mentor new DMOs, and support State Chapters. We will also have Active Circle Members who will be invited to participate at both the National and State Chapter level.

Please consider joining the DMO Alumni Council by signing up here.  If you have questions, contact me or Jesse Maldonado at jesse.maldonado@nationaldmo.org or call 208.503.0029. 

Lou La Monte
DMO Alumni Council Chair
Former Mayor of Malibu


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