Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) is organized as a non-profit, non-federal 527 political organization.  The 527 status allows us to accept donations from all sources including corporations, PACs, and individuals in unlimited amounts.

We function solely as an association of local elected officials.  We do not participate financially in electoral campaigns.  We do not have a Political Action Committee (PAC), we do not participate in Independent Expenditure (IE) spending, and we do not donate to candidate campaigns.

Your contribution to Democratic Municipal Officials is used to fund the operations and staffing of the organization, to transport our members to group meetings, and to organize events where you and our members can come together.  Your dollars stay with DMO.

  • Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) is organized under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your contribution will be deposited into our general operating account, which is not registered as a political committee under federal or state election law, does not make independent expenditures or make contributions or other expenditures to candidate campaigns, political party committees or other organizations registered as political committees that could require it to register as a political committee under any federal, state or local election law;
  • The general operating account is not used either directly or indirectly for such purpose, such as transferring your contribution to another organization or account that engages in the above activity;
  • The general operating account has not been established and is not maintained, financed or controlled by a national, state, or local party committee or a federal, state, or local candidate campaign;
  • The general operating account does not coordinate its activities with a national, state or local party committee; federal, state or local candidate campaign; or a federal, state or local PAC;
  • Your donation to the general operating account will not be used in any way that is directly or indirectly prohibited under applicable federal, state, or local law.  This includes, but is not limited to, activity engaged in through direct expenditures by the organization or through arrangements with third parties; and
  • Your contribution to the general operating account will not be used to pay for any expenses or events that violate applicable gift and entertainment rules for public officials.