Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge was built by ironworkers? What about the testing and building facilities for the Stealth Fighter and Space Shuttle or the famous “Gateway to the West” – the St. Louis Arch? How about the Oil Sands Plant Expansion in Alberta? That’s right – ironworkers erected those buildings too.

Think about it. Nearly every structure you can think of – schools, sports stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, bridges, office and industrial buildings – all required the skills of trained ironworkers. If there were no ironworkers, cities like New York, Chicago, Quebec and Los Angeles would look very different than they do today – no skyscrapers, no bridges, no office buildings. Transportation would be radically different too.

How would the millions of commuters every day get to work without the bridges built by – you guessed it – ironworkers.

Without ironworkers to erect the skeleton of a structure, no other trade would be able to install their work. That’s why ironworkers are the most respected tradesperson in the construction industry. When you’re an ironworker, the sky is the limit. The possibilities of training, earning, providing, advancing, building are endless.  There is no limit to what ironworkers can do!

The Ironworkers put special effort into providing careers to members of the armed services returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Watch this video to find out more.