When we founded AutoReturn in 2002, the municipal towing industry was plagued with problems – long tow wait times, vehicle damage, property loss, low levels of reporting and accountability, conflicts of interest, and plenty of unhappy customers.

We saw a better way.

We built a new type of organization – a municipal towing management company for the 21st century which:

  • Is run by a top-notch management team with deep operational experience and the best staff available
  • Insists on superior service to customers and municipalities
  • Rigorously evaluates and implements world-class technology and management practices
  • Enables networked communication at every step of the process – from tow requests through vehicle return
  • Gives cities a transparent view into our operations with on-demand reporting
  • Sets and exceeds high performance benchmarks

The results have been extraordinary:

  • Tow response times are shortened
  • Vehicles are returned faster
  • Customer service is greatly improved
  • Cities realize cost recoveries
  • Fewer vehicles are damaged
  • Cities and citizens alike report far greater satisfaction