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DMO Election Brief: November 2022 Midterm Results

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Good morning Democrats!

Results are still coming in from last night, but it is safe to say that Democrats have held strong during a tough election cycle. Midterms are always a challenge for the party in power. But as races are called, it looks as though President Biden has led Democrats to our most competitive midterm election in recent history.

And of course, it was an incredible night for local Democrats, who continue to build up the blue wall in our towns and cities. A few of those wins are listed below.

If you won a significant election last night, email me at so we can promote your victory.


Nils Robbins

DMO Communications and Operations Director


DMO Highlights

  • DMO Board Member and Representative to the DNC Anita Bonds soared to victory in her reelection for At-Large Member of the Washington, DC City Council.
  • DMO Board Member and National Secretary Gary Hansen handily won reelection as a Council Member in Eagan, MN.
  • A special shout out to former Board Member and current DMO staff Dan Besse, who won his race for the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners At-Large position. Dan previously served on the Winston-Salem City Council.
  • DMO Board Member and Boulder Mayor Pro-tem Junie Joseph won her race for Colorado State Representative in District 10.


Election Night Notables

  • John Fetterman, former Mayor of Braddock, PA, won his US Senate race, flipping the seat from red to blue.
  • Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach, CA, won his Congressional race in the 42nd District.
  • Kim Driscoll, Mayor of Salem, MA, won her race for Lt. Governor.


Mayoral Election Victories

  • Frank Scott Jr, Little Rock, AR
  • Muriel Bowser, Washington, DC
  • Craig Greenberg, Louisville, KY
  • Brett Smiley, Providence, RI
  • Catherine Read, Fairfax City, VA
  • Sheila Olem, Herndon, VA
  • Amy Shuler Goodwin, Charleston, WV


Council Election Victories

  • Phil Mendelson, Council Chairman, Washington, DC
  • Brianne Nadeau, Council Member, Washington, DC
  • Matthew Frumin, Council Member, Washington, DC
  • Zachary Parker, Council Member, Washington, DC
  • Reggie Gaffney Jr, Council Member, Jacksonville, FL
  • Lisa Johnson, Council Member, Versailles, KY
  • Willow Hambrick, Council Member, Georgetown, KY
  • Megan Ellyia Green, President of the Board of Alderman, St. Louis, MO
  • Jane Harrison, City Council, Raleigh, NC
  • Sandra Wittner, Board of Aldermen, Dover, NJ
  • Jim Harrity, At-Large Council, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sharon Vaughn, At-Large Council, Philadelphia, PA
  • Quetcy Lozada, City Council, Philadelphia, PA
  • Anthony Phillips, City Council, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jana Swearengen-Washington, City Council, Memphis, TN
  • Sonia Vasquez Luna, Councilor, Manassas, VA