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DMO Statement on the Ongoing Invasion of Ukraine

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Democratic Municipal Officials stands firmly with the people of Ukraine against the unprovoked and illegal invasion by Russia. We applaud the determination and bravery of the Ukrainian people, and want to recognize the efforts of our elected counterparts abroad in protecting, guiding, and providing for their constituents during wartime.

The nation of Ukraine has a right to self-defense, and the defense of Democracy against violent threats is an enduring legacy of the American people. We encourage the United States to continue providing aid to Ukraine in a timely manner as the need arises.

As elected officials across America, we encourage local leaders to do their part to support the people of Ukraine. Municipal officials should welcome Ukrainian refugees fleeing violence into their communities, working with state and federal agencies to house, provide supplies, and grant asylum. We also support American cities that choose to divest from Russian businesses for the duration of the conflict, as well as from companies that provide material support for the Russian war effort.

The light of Democracy is precious and must be defended from acts of tyranny. We urge a speedy and peaceful end to Russia’s invasion. The people of Ukraine are in our thoughts and our hearts, and American cities will do their part to forever support the free people of the world.


The National Board of Democratic Municipal Officials