Affirmation of Principle of Local Democracy

Cities, towns, and counties represent the level of government closest to the people in a democracy.  They serve as laboratories of public innovation, operating at the forefront of public policy-making that establishes minimum standards of protections and social progress for residents.  They often deal with localized problems that require uniquely tailored solutions or an urgent community response.  In order to serve the needs of the public in a democracy, local governments must have the authority to innovate, the power to address urgent problems and the license to act on a wide range of health, safety and social issues on behalf of the citizens of their communities and should not be preempted or unreasonably interfered with by state governments.  Attacks on this local authority to address public needs on a wide range of issues have been on the rise nationwide in recent years.

As an office holder or candidate for public office, I will support the principle of local control free from undue state intervention, and respect the authority of local governments to craft innovative and progressive solutions to meet the economic security, public safety, environmental, and human rights needs of their communities.