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Moral Foundations & 415 PPM

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Democratic Municipal Officials Digest
Week of 5/13/2019

  • While we often think of voting as an act of rational self-interest, more often voting decisions are based on moral stances.
  • Liberals tend to think that people are generally good and limited by circumstances, whereas conservatives think that people are generally selfish and want to restrict threats to social order.
  • Lberals tend to make political decisions based on whether the policy will help/hurt people, and whether they are fair.
  • Conservatives use those considerations, but also factor in loyalty to their ingroup, authority and respect, and purity/sanctity.
  • Be deliberate about the moral framework and word choices you use when promoting policy and speaking to different political crowds.

News for Democrats

DMO Update

  • Please welcome DMO’s new Vice President, Candace Mumm (Spokane, WA) and Representative to the DNC, Ron Galperin (Los Angeles, CA).
  • DMO California begins an endorsement process for state Democratic Party Chair this week, a first of it’s kind decision for DMO.