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Medical Workers & Astroturf Protests

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Democratic Municipal Officials Digest
Week of 4/20/2020


DMO Update

  • Stay in touch with workforce news. Join the DMO Labor Council call this Thursday at 1:30pm ET / 10:30am PT. Dial 202-869-1474.
  • Join the DMO New Jersey State Chapter call this Friday at 5:30pm ET, and our first DMO Michigan call this Thursday at 6pm ET.  Contact for details.
  • Are the other Democrats on your council members of DMO? Make sure your peers sign up at to get connected to Democratic Party resources before the Convention.

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Pic of the Week

Nurses stand up against protestors who want to reopen public spaces before COVID-19 is contained.


DMO Political Council Advice

Anthony Robinson of the National Democratic Training Committee

Here are the top three pieces of advice from the National Democratic Training Committee’s Virtual Live Trainings:

1. Be Bold: The solutions to the problems our country is facing are political. The leaders making decisions are how this crisis ballooned to present. The only way to prevent it from getting worse and from happening again is to change who make the decisions at local, state and federal levels. That’s you. That’s your campaign. Don’t be timid. Our families are counting on you.

2. Be Empathetic: Learn from our opponents and use emotion to empower people to give you what you need to make the change we all want. Times are tough for a lot of people, but again – see my previous point – the way out is through and to change who makes the decision.

3. Ask for what you need: Votes, volunteer time and money. Don’t shy away from the ask. If someone can’t give because they lost a job or medical reasons, ask how you an help. Ask what they think the government should do. Engage them. Help them.

The fear of getting a “no” should not stop you from doing what you need to do to win your campaign. Your country, your community, your family, my family all need you more than ever.

Additionally, here are some of the new offerings we will be presenting for local leaders coming up soon.

Here is the link for our RESUME BANK of Staff Academy graduates past and present that are looking for jobs. It is updated regularly so you will have the current list.