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Gun Shop Signs & SCOTUS Docket

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Week of 8/15

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Messaging –Taxes and the Inflation Reduction Act

  • Not one middle class person filling out their taxes will find that they are facing higher taxes or higher tax rates because of the corporate minimum tax. It’s that simple.
  • The only people who have proposed raising taxes on Americans earning under $400,000 are Senate Republicans with an agenda put forward by Senator Rick Scott.
  • The analysis has been clear: the corporate minimum tax will only raise taxes on 150 corporations earning more than $1 billion in profits who pay less than 15% in taxes.
  • Steve Rosenthal, Tax Policy Center: “If you’re not a tax cheat, hedge fund manager or a corporation making over $1 billion, you’re not affected.”

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Pic of the Week

The new signage set to be displayed in front of all Albany County gun stores.