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DMO Supports the Creation of the DNC Disability Caucus

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Members of the Democratic National Committee,


Democratic Municipal Officials stands in support of the proposal to transform the DNC Disability Council into a caucus.

The purpose of a membership caucus within the DNC is to provide an organized coalition for those who share an inherent or immutable trait. A DNC caucus would fulfill this role for the disability community.

The Democratic Party has always been a home for people who are marginalized because of their backgrounds. Transforming the Disability Council into a caucus will take us one step further as a Party towards ensuring that every American can expect a government that provides not mere equality, but true equity for its citizens.

DMO applauds the work of Representative Tony Coelho for his work chairing the DNC Disability Council. His work advocating for Americans with disabilities, in particular those with “invisible disabilities” which are not always readily apparent, is a testimony to his character and the values of the Democratic Party. We know that his work will continue as the DNC forms the Disability Caucus.


Derek Green

Councilman At-large, Philadelphia, PA

DNC Executive Committee Member

President, Democratic Municipal Officials