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Democratic Municipal Officials Passes Resolution Supporting President’s Action On Immigration

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Board of Directors of Democratic Municipal Officials passes resolution supporting President Obama’s Thursday announcement regarding action on immigration

Austin, TX, November 21, 2014 –

Democratic Municipal Officials’ (DMO) President Mayor Cindy Lerner (Pinecrest, FL) and the Board of Democratic Municipal Officials passed a resolution Friday supporting President Obama’s recent Executive Action on immigration.

The DMO Board of Directors gathered in Austin, Texas at National League of Cities (NLC) Congress of Cities and Exposition. Following the conclusion of the biannual DMO National Breakfast Meeting, the Board convened to discuss the Association’s strategic goals and policy. The Board of Directors approved a resolution in support of the President’s announcement to increase border security, prioritize deportation of felons over otherwise lawful undocumented workers, and provide a three year moratorium on deportation for individuals who pass a background check and agree to pay taxes. An estimated five million undocumented immigrants could be affected by the Immigration Accountability Executive Action.

Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) is the Democratic National Committee constituency Association for local elected officials who personally identify as members of the Democratic Party. DMO has over 6000 members across the United States, and advocates for local Democratic officeholders and acts to move their priorities nationwide.