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Battleground Updates – DMOs Across America

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DMOs and Friends,

Like me, I am sure you’ve been glued to the election results as they come in. Votes are still being counted, and we are unlikely to know the final results until the end of the week at earliest. 

Despite President Trump’s premature declaration of victory last night, all evidence supports an outcome where Vice President Biden exceeds the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win. Your constituents may be worried right now. It is important to broadcast calm, and reassure them that Democrats fully intend to count every vote. 

With television networks already providing top down views of the race, we thought it would be nice to hear from your fellow DMOs in the battleground states that are still counting. DMO will continue to provide you with their updates and insights as the votes are counted.

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Scott Benson, City Council Member, Detroit, MI

Derek Green, City Council Member, Philadelphia, PA

Devon Reese, Vice Mayor, Reno, NV

Don Hardy, Mayor, Kinston, NC

Amir Farokhi, City Council Member, Atlanta, GA

Angela Rogensues, City Council Member, Warren, MI

Luke Fuszard, Alder, Middleton, WI


Lauren Kuby, Council Member, Tempe, AZ