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DMO Resolution in Support of Statehood for Washington, District of Columbia

DMO Resolution in Support of Statehood for Washington, District of Columbia


WHEREAS, the District of Columbia is the only political and geographic entity within the United States of America whose citizens bear the responsibilities of citizenship, including taxation and Selective Service registration, without sharing in the full rights and privileges of citizenship through voting representation in Congress.

WHEREAS, at more than 700,000 residents, the population of the District of Columbia is already larger than two states (Vermont and Wyoming) and comparable to that of several others including Alaska and Delaware.

WHEREAS, more than 11,000 D.C. residents currently serve in the United States armed forces, and since World War I more than 200,000 D.C. residents have served our nation in that way; and yet these citizens have no voting voice on the Congressional decisions regarding war and peace.

WHEREAS, the residents of D.C. pay more in federal income taxes than 22 states, but have no voting voice in Congressional deliberations on how their tax dollars are spent.

WHEREAS, the courts and the laws which govern local decisions affecting the residents of D.C. are controlled by Congress, but the citizens of D.C. have no voting voice in Congress.

WHEREAS, the unprecedented violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 dramatized the dangers to the residents of D.C. from having no authority over its own National Guard units in preparing for and responding to extraordinary threats to public safety.

WHEREAS, Washington D.C. is a historically Black city, and if admitted as a state would be the only plurality Black state, raising the appearance that the unique resistance to D.C. statehood is related to our shameful national history of unequal treatment of Black and other Americans of color.

WHEREAS, the elected representatives of the people of Washington D.C. have repeatedly petitioned Congress for admission as the 51st state.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Democratic Municipal Officials supports addressing this injustice of “taxation without representation” for the citizens of Washington D.C. by admitting the District of Columbia as the 51st state of the United States of America.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that members of Democratic Municipal Officials join in this support through personal advocacy and encouraging their local jurisdictions to adopt resolutions of support for D.C. statehood.

DMO Statement on Bessemer, AL Unionization Efforts

DMO Statement on Bessemer, AL Unionization Efforts


Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) strongly supports the right of all workers to organize and collectively bargain with their employers.  DMO joins other Democratic leaders across the nation in commending Amazon employees in Alabama for working to win union representation there.

“The union representation vote going on now in Bessemer, Alabama, has unusual national significance,” said DMO President Derek Green (Philadelphia, PA City Council Member).  “As we begin to emerge from the COVID pandemic, we find that rapid growth of the home deliveries industry has made it an important new frontier for the protection of workers’ health, safety, and economic security.  The strong organizing work in Bessemer also boosts hope for an improving labor climate in states that have historically not been friendly to workers’ rights.”

The DMO Alabama State Chapter chair confirmed the importance of this effort in his home community.  Bessemer City Council Member Jesse Matthews has been DMO’s “source on the ground” for developments in Alabama.  Workers at the local Amazon regional fulfillment center are voting now until March 29 on whether to approve the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU) as their bargaining agent.

“It is important for our community to have workers’ voices heard in dealing with issues like workplace safety and job security.  Union representation and the collective bargaining process help ensure that concerns are addressed in ways that benefit workers, employers, and our community as a whole,” says Council Member Matthews, a key longtime DMO leader.  Council Member Matthews represents Council District 6 in the City of Bessemer, which is also the physical location of the Amazon distribution center there.

“We at DMO will continue to closely follow these historic developments in Bessemer,” said DMO Labor Council Chair Angela Rogensues (Warren, MI City Council Member).  “We wish the organizing workers there great success, and we look forward to supporting the workers and Amazon in reaching a fair and just agreement afterwards.”


Council Member Matthews is the President Pro Tem of the Bessemer City Council, a former member of the Board of Directors of the National League of Cities, a member of the Executive Committee of the Alabama League of Municipalities, and a member of the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, as well as a past Chair of the Alabama League of Municipalities.  In his professional career, Council Member Matthews is a 36-year member of IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), and is a strong supporter of workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain.  Council Member Matthews in his role as a local elected official was invited by Amazon local representatives to hear and discuss their perspective and concerns.  He reports a cordial and frank conversation at the meeting.

DMO Statement on the Atlanta Area Shootings

DMO Statement on the Shootings in the Atlanta Area


Statement from DMO President Derek Green on behalf of Democratic Municipal Officials

“Our hearts go out to the victims and families of this week’s tragic shootings in Atlanta. Racially motivated violence is especially heinous, as it harms not only those directly impacted, but the wider community who is reminded that such violence can occur at any time. We call for justice for the victims, and for a just society where no one lives in fear that they will be tomorrow’s headline.

The assailant selected his targets because they were women, and because they were members of the AAPI community. As local elected officials, it is our constant duty to build cities where all our residents feel safe and free from all forms of bigotry.

This crime would not have occurred without a climate where racial hatred is stoked against members of minority groups, and where hateful individuals have easy access to firearms. Keeping firearms out of the hands of violent individuals must remain a key feature of our commitment to public safety.”


Savannah, GA Mayor Van Johnson

“We continue to be horrified at the recent acts of hateful violence directed towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Atlanta-area and across the country.

Hate is immoral and hateful acts are illegal. I condemn both, and Savannah continues to stand in support of our AAPI neighbors and friends.”


Statement from Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns on the link between Guns and Violence Against Women.

Resources for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Celebrate the American Rescue Plan

House Democrats just passed the American Rescue Plan. The bill now moves to President Biden’s desk, a huge victory for his Administration and the American people. This is the much needed COVID response that Americans voted for, and Democrats have fought for.

How you can celebrate

1. Post on social media about what the passage of the American Rescue Plan means for your city. Be sure to tag @NationalDMO and use #AmericanRescuePlan.

2. Send DMO your stories about how the ARP will help your constituents and city. Let President Biden know what this historic bill means to people who desperately need it.

3. Publish an op-ed in your local paper. Make sure your city knows to thank Democrats for the passage of the American Rescue Plan. Even today, many people don’t know all the ways this bill will improve their lives. Advertise our victories so that everyone knows to thank a Democrat!


What’s in the American Rescue Plan?

Issue Area Biden’s Proposal
Relief Payments One-time $1,400 check per person with check values phasing out beginning at at $75,000 for a single adult and $150,000 for a married couple; no benefits will be sent to single filers earning more than $80,000 and joint filers earning more than $160,000
Small Business Relief $15 billion grants 

$35 billion loan guarantees which will allow $175 billion in lending

Support to restaurants, bars, and other business through Community Credit Corporation

Testing and Vaccination $50 billion testing expansion

$20 billion national vaccination program

100,000 person public health corps

Funding for community health centers and tribal health services

Investments in COVID-19 treatment and new strain research

100% FAMP for vaccine administration

Unemployment Insurance $300/week unemployment supplement through September 6, 2021 with tax forgiveness on up to $10,000 in benefits.
Paid Leave Emergency paid leave through September 2021 with max benefit of $1,400 per week for workers making up to $73,000/year
State and Local Government  $350 billion for state, local, and territorial governments

$20 billion for tribal governments

$3 billion for Economic Development Administration

$20 billion public transportation

Families Expanded EITC eligibility with increased maximum crest of $1,500 for 1 year

Fully refundable CTC $3,600 per child under 6, $3,000 for children 17 and under

$1 billion TANF

$40 billion in grants for child care providers

Food Security Extend 15% increase to SNAP benefits through September 2021 and removes state matching requirements

$3 billion for WIC

Restaurant partnership via FEMA

$1 billion to territories

Housing Extended federal eviction and foreclosure moratorium until September 2021 

$25 billion in emergency rental assistance

$5 billion in utility assistance

$5 billion in emergency assistance for homelessness

Healthcare Access COBRA subsidies that cover 100% of costs

Cap ACA premiums at 8.5%

$20 billion for veterans’ health

Essential Workers Calls for employers to provide hazard pay

OSHA funding

Mental Health $4 billion for SAMHSA
Domestic Violence and Child Abuse $800 million to combat increased risk of gender-based violence
Global Health $11 billion for global health and humanitarian response
Prisons Mitigation, vaccination, and safety measures for incarcerated people

Safe re-entry for formerly incarcerated people

Cybersecurity $9 billion to the Technology Modernization Fund

$200 million IT oversight and reform

$300 million Technology Transformation Services at GSA

$690 million DHS’s CISA

Student Loan Relief Makes all COVID-19 student loan relief tax-free.


Local governments will receive $130 billion in assistance from the American Rescue Plan. Another $500 million is dedicated to water security grants, an essential aspect of COVID-19 relief that DMO has been calling for in our own water security initiative.



Contact: Nils Robbins
Tel: 202-770-8053



Detroit Council Member given award for exemplary leadership at Democratic Municipal Officials’ National meeting

Detroit, MI, March 9, 2021 –

Detroit, MI Council Member Scott Benson received the Susan Burgess President’s Award for Exemplary Leadership last night during the Democratic Municipal Officials’ (DMO) “Oh So Blue” Celebration. Named in honor of the late Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem and DMO President Susan Burgess, the award honors one member of DMO for their outstanding service to the organization.

DMO National President and Philadelphia Councilman Derek Green presented the award to Benson.  “This spring, we recognize a DMO whose leadership has made the difference in bringing DMO into the future. He has guided our organization with prudence, keeping an even keel during an incredibly trying few years. He leads by example, setting new goals for the Board of Directors while being the first to fill them himself. He has done an incredible job bringing on new members to our Advisory Board, and successfully concluded a strategic planning process that will make DMO even mightier.”

Benson was joined at the event by several of the previous recipients of the Susan Burgess President’s Award, including Spokane, WA Council Member Candace Mumm, Los Angeles, CA Controller Ron Galperin, and Rome, GA Commissioner Wendy Davis.

Typically held in person during the National League of Cities (NLC) annual Congressional City Conference, this spring the DMO Celebration was held virtually on the Remo interactive platform. Mayors, council members, and other local elected Democrats comprising the membership of DMO gathered for a few hours of conversation, interspersed with short remarks by VIP guests. Kicking off the event was White House Deputy Director of Political Strategy and Outreach Erin Wilson, speaking to local officials about the Biden Administration’s plans for Building Back Better. DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison headlined the event, participating in a conversation on how DMO members can engage in the work of the Party alongside ASDC President Ken Martin, DMO President Derek Green, and new DMO Board Member and Columbia, SC Council Member Tameika Isaac Devine.

Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) is the DNC Association for municipal elected officials who personally identify as members of the Democratic Party. The organization holds three seats on the DNC, and advocates for the thousands of local elected Democrats across the United States.



For more information, please call 202-770-8053 or email

Sample Resolution on Rental Housing Assistance

Fellow DMOs,

In light of the ongoing economic hardships endured by both renters and leasers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DMO has approved the following sample resolution calling upon the federal government to provide aid to those in the renting market. We encourage you to not only pass this resolution in your own municipality, but send it to your federal representatives. DMO will continue to support you in calling upon the federal government to provide direct financial assistance to cities.


Derek Green

Councilmember, Philadelphia, PA

DMO President





WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively impact all aspects of our daily life; and

WHEREAS, to protect public health and slow transmission of this highly contagious communicable virus, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local departments of public health have issued various orders to close or limit a wide range of businesses and economic activity, causing widespread unemployment; and

WHEREAS, individuals exposed to COVID-19 may be temporarily unable to report to work due to illness caused by COVID-19 or quarantines related to COVID-19; and

WHEREAS, individuals directly affected by COVID-19 may experience loss of income and expensive health care and medical coverage making it impossible to fulfill their rent payment obligations; and

WHEREAS, the inability of renters to pay their rent directly impacts the nation’s housing providers who depend on rent payments to make their mortgage and insurance payments, maintain their apartment buildings, pay their utility and refuse removal bills, and meet their property tax obligations that fund our community services; and

WHEREAS, the majority of our nation’s housing rental stock is owned and maintained by small and mid-sized housing providers who lack the reserves to absorb any loss of monthly rental income; and

WHEREAS, since the beginning of the pandemic, many housing providers have worked closely with their residents by creating flexible rent payment plans, waiving fees and connecting residents with social services; and

WHEREAS, state and local governments have created rental assistance programs to assist renters and housing providers make ends meet; and

WHEREAS, in recognition of the impact on housing of this public health crisis, the United States Congress has approved $25 billion in direct emergency rental assistance; and

WHEREAS, these efforts do not begin to address the housing crisis facing the nation as ten million renters were projected by Moody’s Analytics to owe over $57 billion in back rent in 2020 alone; and

WHEREAS, specific and targeted federal assistance is needed in the areas of short-term Emergency Response, mid-term Recovery, and long-term planning to Rebuild our nation’s communities; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Mayor, and the City/Town Commission/Council of the City/Town of <Insert Municipality><Insert State>, call upon President Joseph R. Biden and the United States Congress to employ the full weight of the federal government to assist the rental housing community by incorporating the following policy priorities:

  1. Short-Term Emergency Response
    1. Provide assistance to residents that have been financially impacted by the virus,
    2. Provide additional allocations to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to fill the assistance gap and respond more effectively to the outstanding need, and
    3. Promote flexible policies that enable grantees to widely and efficiently distribute rental assistance to all who are in financial need.
  2. Mid-Term Recovery
    1. Transition from early pandemic emergency response to a deliberate and sustainable recovery plan that provides resources to impacted businesses and residents, and
    2. Promote policies that continue to narrowly target and better assist those with enduring and demonstrable financial need, and
    3. Fully fund existing programs, such as the HUD Section Housing Choice Voucher, to fund long-term housing assistance.
  3. Long-Term Rebuilding
    1. Extend the “Build Back Better” initiative to the production of rental housing, with a focus on affordable, workforce and middle market housing, and
    2. Expand federal infrastructure priorities to drive new investment in rental housing, including affordable, workforce and middle market housing, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a suitable copy of this resolution be presented to President Joseph R. Biden; the Honorable Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi; the Honorable Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer; and the members of the <Insert State> congressional delegation.

Adopted by vote of the City/Town Commission/Council of the City/Town of <Insert Municipality><Insert State>, on the <Insert Date> day of <Insert Month> 2021.


City/Town of <Insert City><Insert State>

Biden Administration Calls On Local Officials To Help Pass American Rescue Plan

Dear Democratic Municipal Official,

Time is of the essence and I need your help!

The Biden Administration has reached out directly to Democratic Municipal Officials looking for help in your state with passing the American Rescue Plan. Our cities need direct funding; assistance with vaccine distribution; resources for PPE; stimulus checks and unemployment insurance; and help paying for water and energy costs. We need the American Rescue Plan to pass, and we need it immediately.

The White House is calling for strong statements of support from local leaders in your state, and we need you to put pressure on your federal representatives. Here is what you can do:

  • Call your Representative and your Senators and highlight why your community needs this relief. If you have their cellphone number, now is the time to use it!
  • Schedule a meeting with your Representative and your Senators. District work week starts February 15th. Call their office today to get on their calendar for that week.
  • Get on the news. Whether it be local television news, local radio, or national outlets. Tell the story as to why your city and state need the American Rescue Plan to pass now and emphasize that your federal officers can make that happen.
  • Write an op-ed.
  • Make it bi-partisan. If there are Republicans on your council or in a neighboring town who will stand with you in support of this legislation, be sure to elevate that – don’t be afraid to share the byline on this.
  • Be specific and keep it local. Talk about local issues, jobs, services, and people. Make it undeniable that your community in particular needs this relief.
  • Share with DMO. Be sure to load any news clips and letters to this folder, and tag @NationalDMO on social media so that we can share your efforts with the White House.

President Biden and your constituents need you to act now – there is no time to waste.

Barbara Moore
Executive Director
Democratic Municipal Officials

DMO Welcomes Incoming Chair Jaime Harrison and New DNC Leadership

DMO Welcomes Incoming Chair Jaime Harrison and New DNC Leadership

On behalf of the 40,000 local elected Democrats across the United States, the members of the DMO Board of Directors celebrates the election of Jaime Harrison as Chair of the Democratic Party, as well as the dynamic leadership team joining him at the DNC. We are confident Chairman Harrison will continue the vital work of electing Democrats up and down the ticket and help grow our Party from the grass roots up by furthering the DNC’s investment in local races.

We know this because we know Jaime. He has worked alongside DMO since he was Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Our new DNC Chair sees the value in growing the Party from the base, expanding the bench, and implementing progressive policies at the local level. DMO is excited to see Chair Harrison’s history of investment in local growth reflected in the ongoing work of the Democratic National Committee under his leadership.

The election of fellow DMO, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, as Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Protection likewise brings essential talent and commitment to a Democratic Party eager to build on our recent successes in Georgia. The work of Democrats at the local level has changed the fate of our nation, and we look forward to the Mayor’s work at the DNC leading to future victories.


Several of our leaders made personal statements supporting the new DNC leadership: 

“On behalf of Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO), my colleagues and I want to congratulate Jaime Harrison on his new role as Chair of the DNC. We all are ready to move our country forward with the exact same energy and conviction that Jaime brought to his U.S. Senate race on behalf of the people of South Carolina. We are eager to work together to further the historic progress made on various levels this past year and look forward to the future with great optimism.”

Derek Green, DNC Executive Committee
Council Member, Philadelphia, PA
President of DMO


“At this wonderfully optimistic time in America’s history, we salute the shoulders we stand upon and we celebrate the new leadership that will take us forward. Chairman Harrison and his leadership team have the right experience and the right acumen at the right time to lead our beloved Party to turn our country blue.  He appreciates the role of Democratic Municipal Officials and I look forward to our continued partnership. I am so glad that my fellow Georgian Mayor Lance Bottoms will be serving alongside him.”

Van Johnson, DNC Member
Mayor, Savannah, GA
Treasurer of DMO


“The diverse and experienced leadership recently elected will move our Party in the right direction and lead our country forward. I am proud that Governor Whitmer is yet again standing up to take on the responsibility of leading Democrats towards victory and fighting for our shared values.”

Scott Benson, Former DNC Executive Committee Member
Council Member, Detroit, MI
President Emeritus and Fundraising Chair of DMO


“I am proud to have Senator Duckworth serving as Vice Chair of the DNC. As a fellow veteran and Illinoisan, I know that she has what it takes to lead our Party to more victories for the working women and men of our state and country. Her unique life experiences will bring an invaluable perspective to our Party.”

Gil Villegas
Alderman, Chicago, IL
Board Member of DMO


Congratulations to Chairman Harrison and his exceptional team! We look forward to working with all of you to turn more cities blue and enact the progressive change Americans voted for.


The DMO Board of Directors

DNC Members

Derek Green, Council Member, Philadelphia, PA

Candace Mumm, Council Member, Spokane, WA

Ron Galperin, Controller, Los Angeles, CA

Van Johnson, Mayor, Savannah, GA

Wendy Davis, Commissioner, Rome, GA

Barbara Moore, Executive Director of DMO

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