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DMO Statement on the Atlanta Area Shootings

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DMO Statement on the Shootings in the Atlanta Area


Statement from DMO President Derek Green on behalf of Democratic Municipal Officials

“Our hearts go out to the victims and families of this week’s tragic shootings in Atlanta. Racially motivated violence is especially heinous, as it harms not only those directly impacted, but the wider community who is reminded that such violence can occur at any time. We call for justice for the victims, and for a just society where no one lives in fear that they will be tomorrow’s headline.

The assailant selected his targets because they were women, and because they were members of the AAPI community. As local elected officials, it is our constant duty to build cities where all our residents feel safe and free from all forms of bigotry.

This crime would not have occurred without a climate where racial hatred is stoked against members of minority groups, and where hateful individuals have easy access to firearms. Keeping firearms out of the hands of violent individuals must remain a key feature of our commitment to public safety.”


Savannah, GA Mayor Van Johnson

“We continue to be horrified at the recent acts of hateful violence directed towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Atlanta-area and across the country.

Hate is immoral and hateful acts are illegal. I condemn both, and Savannah continues to stand in support of our AAPI neighbors and friends.”


Statement from Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns on the link between Guns and Violence Against Women.

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