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Celebrate the American Rescue Plan

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House Democrats just passed the American Rescue Plan. The bill now moves to President Biden’s desk, a huge victory for his Administration and the American people. This is the much needed COVID response that Americans voted for, and Democrats have fought for.

How you can celebrate

1. Post on social media about what the passage of the American Rescue Plan means for your city. Be sure to tag @NationalDMO and use #AmericanRescuePlan.

2. Send DMO your stories about how the ARP will help your constituents and city. Let President Biden know what this historic bill means to people who desperately need it.

3. Publish an op-ed in your local paper. Make sure your city knows to thank Democrats for the passage of the American Rescue Plan. Even today, many people don’t know all the ways this bill will improve their lives. Advertise our victories so that everyone knows to thank a Democrat!


What’s in the American Rescue Plan?

Issue Area Biden’s Proposal
Relief Payments One-time $1,400 check per person with check values phasing out beginning at at $75,000 for a single adult and $150,000 for a married couple; no benefits will be sent to single filers earning more than $80,000 and joint filers earning more than $160,000
Small Business Relief $15 billion grants 

$35 billion loan guarantees which will allow $175 billion in lending

Support to restaurants, bars, and other business through Community Credit Corporation

Testing and Vaccination $50 billion testing expansion

$20 billion national vaccination program

100,000 person public health corps

Funding for community health centers and tribal health services

Investments in COVID-19 treatment and new strain research

100% FAMP for vaccine administration

Unemployment Insurance $300/week unemployment supplement through September 6, 2021 with tax forgiveness on up to $10,000 in benefits.
Paid Leave Emergency paid leave through September 2021 with max benefit of $1,400 per week for workers making up to $73,000/year
State and Local Government  $350 billion for state, local, and territorial governments

$20 billion for tribal governments

$3 billion for Economic Development Administration

$20 billion public transportation

Families Expanded EITC eligibility with increased maximum crest of $1,500 for 1 year

Fully refundable CTC $3,600 per child under 6, $3,000 for children 17 and under

$1 billion TANF

$40 billion in grants for child care providers

Food Security Extend 15% increase to SNAP benefits through September 2021 and removes state matching requirements

$3 billion for WIC

Restaurant partnership via FEMA

$1 billion to territories

Housing Extended federal eviction and foreclosure moratorium until September 2021 

$25 billion in emergency rental assistance

$5 billion in utility assistance

$5 billion in emergency assistance for homelessness

Healthcare Access COBRA subsidies that cover 100% of costs

Cap ACA premiums at 8.5%

$20 billion for veterans’ health

Essential Workers Calls for employers to provide hazard pay

OSHA funding

Mental Health $4 billion for SAMHSA
Domestic Violence and Child Abuse $800 million to combat increased risk of gender-based violence
Global Health $11 billion for global health and humanitarian response
Prisons Mitigation, vaccination, and safety measures for incarcerated people

Safe re-entry for formerly incarcerated people

Cybersecurity $9 billion to the Technology Modernization Fund

$200 million IT oversight and reform

$300 million Technology Transformation Services at GSA

$690 million DHS’s CISA

Student Loan Relief Makes all COVID-19 student loan relief tax-free.


Local governments will receive $130 billion in assistance from the American Rescue Plan. Another $500 million is dedicated to water security grants, an essential aspect of COVID-19 relief that DMO has been calling for in our own water security initiative.