Welcome to Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO)! We are the Democratic National Committee (DNC) association that represents mayors, council members, and other local office holders who identify with the values of the Democratic Party.

There are over 40,000 local elected Democrats across the United States, and we have an incredible capacity to organize on the issues that matter to you. Whether you are a newly elected local Democrat, or a long time public servant just discovering DMO, you can start accessing DMO resources by visiting NationalDMO.org/join.

At DMO, we connect, engage and empower Democratic Municipal Officials. DMO connects municipal elected officials to each other, to other levels of government, to leaders in the Democratic Party, and to labor and business partners and other stakeholders. We engage municipal elected officials in advocacy, policy, and furthering Democratic principles. And we empower municipal elected officials to better serve their communities, as well as aid in the recruitment and election of Democratic municipal officials.

Networking and Engagement:

DMO provides a platform that supports your work in office and helps you build a network that gets things done. Take advantage of these groups and connect with fellow DMOs to join a powerful coalition of elected officials. You have probably already taken the first step by visiting www.NationalDMO.org and selecting Join Us.

State Chapters:

Your state chapter is a great place to network with other DMOs and collaborate on issues that affect you locally. If you have any questions about joining or starting chapter, email our Director of Political and Government Affairs at Oliver.Judd@nationaldmo.org.

Policy Council:

Our Policy Council brings together municipal officials who want to advance local Democratic values nationally. DMO has changed policy at both the National League of Cities and the Democratic National Committee, and we keep our members informed so you can influence policy at all levels of government. Contact Director of Communications and Operations Nils.Robbins@nationaldmo.org to learn more about how you can get involved.

Labor Council:

Democrats stand with our allies in organized labor, but that relationship can be difficult when you also hold the role of a municipal employer. Our Labor Council helps you navigate the evolving landscape of labor relations. We hold national and statewide Labor Round Tables and Labor 101 trainings to educate you on how modern unions function, and how to protect the rights of workers in your city. Get in touch with DMO’s Policy, Labor and Intergovernmental Affairs Advisor Dan.Besse@nationaldmo.org to learn more.

Political Council:

You can’t get the job done unless you get elected. The DMO Political Council partners with Democratic consultants and service providers to keep you up to date on the latest strategies to win your campaign. Our Blue Star Candidate program connects candidates with these resources to change the balance of a city council or flip a mayor’s office from red to blue. Email Director of Political and Government Affairs Oliver.Judd@nationaldmo.org for more information.

Advisory Board:

The members of the DMO Advisory Board represent trade organizations, corporations, labor unions, and policy groups. These are valuable connections, and we encourage you to reach out to them with your questions and ideas. Meet our Advisory Board members, and don’t forget to thank them for supporting DMO. Executive Director Barbara.Moore@nationaldmo.org is happy to introduce you to any business, union, or policy group who can bring resources to your city.

Keep in Touch:

Want to stay up to date on the latest news and resources for local officials? You can follow us @NationalDMO on Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, please consider contributing to DMO with an annual donation. $50 is the recommended initial contribution. While your participation in DMO is free, we count on financial support from members like you to support our operations. Help us continue to provide you with these resources and networks.

We look forward to doing great work with you,

Barbara Moore
Executive Director
Democratic Municipal Officials