The Democratic Municipal Officials (DMO) serves to connect, engage, and empower elected officials who identify as Democrats across the US. To further that mission we initiated our Blue Star Candidate Program, strengthening our membership by drawing national attention to local Democratic candidates. These candidates have been vetted and recommended by their DMO State Chapter, and their election may swing a city council or mayor’s office from red to blue.

The Blue Star program is conducted through our state chapters. Chapters like North Carolina, chaired by Winston-Salem Councilmember Dan Besse, which started only a few years ago building their capacity to move on statewide issues. Along with support from our state chapters, DMO connects Blue Star Candidates with a network of mentorship and fundraising resources, strengthening their campaigns and giving them a leg up after inauguration day. We also want to use the Blue Star program to inform you how to support a rising peer.

Hollies Winston

Election — Mayor, Brooklyn Park 2021

Deborah Peoples

Election — Mayor, Fort Worth 2021

Melissa Fox

Election — Assembly, California 2020

Dan Besse

Election — State House, North Carolina 2020

Cindy Lerner

Election — Commissioner, Miami Dade County 2020

Van Johnson II

Election — Mayor, Savannah 2019

Mike Suarez

Election — Mayor, Tampa 2019

Michael O'Connor

Election — Mayor, Frederick 2017

TJ Cawley

Election — Mayor, Morrisville 2017

Corazon Pineda

Election — Mayor, Yonkers 2017

Val Applewhite

Election — Mayor, Fayetteville 2016

Fred Gaines

Election — City Council, Calabasas 2016

Edna Branch Jackson

Election — Mayor, Savannah 2015

Dan Besse

Election — State House, North Carolina 2018