Quicken Loans Inc. is the nation’s largest mortgage lender. It is also the nation’s largest FHA lender and a premier Veteran Affairs (VA) lender.

QuickenLoans.com offers:

  • Direct access to mortgage specialists. The company’s seasoned lending professionals can answer questions via email, fax or phone from application to close.
  • Rocket Mortgage: The first completely online mortgage experience which gives consumers the ability to import and verify financial information, customize their mortgage, get approved and lock their rate without speaking to a human being.
  • Comprehensive home-financing education. Quicken Loans provides information regarding purchasing, refinancing or home equity loans and finding the loan that fits your needs.
  • Diverse loan options.  Quicken Loans specializes in plain vanilla mortgages, including conventional, FHA, VA and USDA programs.
  • Real-time loan status information: throughout the mortgage origination process, clients can use Rocket Mortgage to immediately find where their application stands on a real-time basis at any time.