MINTEX is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and is federally certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), as well as a HUB Zone Certified Program Participant.


MINTEX’s Capabilities include Nationwide support of Collection Recovery and related support services. As a privately held minority owned company established in 2004, our Core Capabilities include:

  •  Recover of Federal, State Local Government Debt
  •  Recover Commercial Debts Billing
  • Specializing in Public Utility, Healthcare & Education Accounts
  • Bank and Credit Card Collection
  • Municipality Debt Collection
  • Consumer Debt Collection

MINTEX, as a fully licensed and authorized agency, provides timely, accurate and complete Recovery of a wide range of Public & Private Debt. Using our automated assisted Skip Tracing, telephonic, Network Architecture and Computer controlled systems, we collect various outstanding revenues in a secure and confidential process. We protect the data we process with complete Disaster Recovery Resource and established ITY support services. We understand and will apply the laws and regulations governing collections in nationally.

Our team has over forty-two (42) years of comprehensive management experience with Government, Utility, Healthcare, Education and Bank Card portfolios.

  • We worked closely with City and State work programs which enables potential lasting career opportunities for difficult to place individuals
  • We provide a direct Call-in number for consumers to reach a Compliance Manager
  • No Client business has ever been worked offshore
  • We have accumulated prestigious certifications and recognized associations at the forefront of our collection industry