Byrd Consultants was established to educate the American public on the policies and procedures of the Social Security Administration. Through expert advice and counsel, we strive to eliminate fear and anxiety on retirement and related benefits.

Byrd Consultants LLC brings clarity to employers and employees who grapple with the ins and outs of Social Security policies to procedures. And there are many: What is the age for early retirement? What’s the age for full retirement? At what age should I retire to maximize benefits? Can my children receive benefits if their father is deceased? Are there benefits available if I am unable to work following my debilitating injuries? And, how can I help my mother secure appropriate resources and assistance for her medical care?

While some of these questions may appear to be simple and can be answered by others – a distinction is warranted: with Byrd Consultants, clients also can get answers to the “ifs,” “ands,” and “buts.”