Our board management software was built by nonprofit leaders, for nonprofit leaders.

We understand the frustration you feel (and the hours you lose) from organizing a meeting via email, phone, or text. We’ve lived it. We’re from the nonprofit world, too. After looking around for the right tool but not finding it, we decided to build it ourselves.

Boardable is powerful nonprofit board software that centralizes all communication between you and your board — whether you’re in meetings or between them. Our intuitive tools empower you to work more efficiently with your board and committee members. Find the best meeting times, securely store all of your documents, archive discussion threads, and much more — all in one convenient place.

All Democratic Municipal Officials members will now have access to use Boardable for free in their communities for up to 90 days — no cost or commitment. This offer includes unlimited users, meetings, committees, and documents.

Boardable is a self-service product, and all DMO members are invited to set up an account.

If Boardable is a good fit for your team, use promo code DMO15 for a 15% discount on your subscription!

Learn more at boardable.com/dmo-offer-for-better-board-management.

Boardable Wants to Help

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit boards and committees need to keep communicating, meeting, and making decisions. To do so, they will begin working and meeting remotely, many going “paperless” for the first time. Running virtual meetings is not the same as in-person meetings; they require different tools. At Boardable, our team wants to help, so we are donating use of our board management software to all DMO members, for up to 90 days.

With this offer, there is no required commitment, no credit card, no strings attached. Democratic Municipal Officials members can set up their accounts and start using Boardable in their communities immediately. There will be no limits on how many users they add to Boardable or to file storage.

How Your Board Benefits from Board Software

No matter where your board members are during this challenging time, they can communicate and continue board operations. With central document storage, discussion areas, remote voting capabilities, task-tracking functionality, public meeting pages, and much more, your agency board can go paperless without losing productivity. You can learn more about our robust meeting (and in-between meeting) tools here.